September 29, 2022
Zareen Khan victim of oops moments while working out in tight clothes, watch video

Bollywood actress Zareen Khan typically stays in discussions as a result of her totally different type than her appearing. Zareen Khan, who has been away from movies for a very long time, is seen figuring out within the health club today relating to her health.

And a video of him figuring out within the health club is changing into fiercely viral on social media. And on this video, the actress is seen doing leg workout routines whereas lifting heavy weights of dumbbells.

Sharing this video of his, he wrote within the caption – “Thoughts- what day is it? Me – day of the legs.” Within the video, Zareen is carrying a multi-colour work-out pajama with a black T-shirt.

Zareen Khan is wanting superb on this health club outfit. Zareen Khan, who got here into the limelight after her heroic hit with Salman Khan, by no means pierces her health club and yoga time.

Bollywood actress Zareen Khan stays within the headlines for her type. Alongside along with her movies, Zareen Khan at all times stays within the information for her type. Zareen Khan is usually seen exercising to maintain herself match.

Not too long ago, a video of him can also be changing into fiercely viral on social media. Now watch this video itself, how Zareen Khan is seen doing health club with white t-shirt and coloured paints.

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