September 27, 2022

Yesterday, Buckingham Palace introduced the loss of life of Queen Elizabeth II. After spending a record-breaking 70 years on the throne, the UK now enters a interval of mourning for Her Majesty.

One of many first issues you could have observed following the announcement is flags on in style vacationer sights like palaces and royal residences being lowered.

Following the loss of life of Her Majesty The Queenthe UK authorities issued directions on how flags should now be flown. This steering has been handed down from King Charles III, the brand new Sovereign.

All official flags together with the Union flag will should be flown at half-mast as quickly as attainable. Solely the Royal Customary will stay in its ordinary place. It is because there may be all the time a residing monarch and the throne has instantly handed to King Charles III.

Half-mast means the flag is flown a 3rd of the best way down the flagpole from the highest. There have to be no less than the peak of the flag between the highest of it and the highest of the flag pole.

They’ll keep that means till 8am on the day following the Queen’s state funeral as an indication of respect.

The UK isn’t the one place honouring the Queen on this style both. President of the US Joe Biden has additionally ordered all US flags to be flown at half-mast till the funeral.

They are going to be lowered on all US authorities buildings, embassies and navy bases all over the world till “sundown on the day of interment”.

Why do flags fly at half mast as an indication of respect?

In lots of international locations all over the world, a half-masted flag is seen as a logo of mourning or respect. The custom is believed to have begun within the seventeenth century and a few sources say it’s as a result of the flag is lowered to make room for an invisible flag of loss of life flying above it.

What half-mast truly means varies relying on the nation. Whereas within the UK, the flag can’t be decrease than two thirds down the pole, others say it must be simply the peak of the flag from the highest. Whereas some take it actually to imply half means down the pole.

There’s a record of the reason why a flag could also be flown at half mast within the UK apart from the loss of life of the Sovereign together with the funerals of members of the royal household, funerals of Prime Ministers, and funerals of international rulers – all are on the command of the present Sovereign.

Flags will not simply must be half-masted following the Queen’s loss of life, both. 1000’s emblazoned with ‘EIIR’ or The Queen’s colors that fly all over the place from naval ships to outdoors of police stations will should be modified.

Flags are simply one of many many locations the place the Queen’s picture and iconography will should be unpicked from the material of UK life.

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