September 27, 2022

Nigerian officers have seized hundreds of donkey penises that have been about to be exported to Hong Kong.

Though the seizure of donkey genitals is uncommon, donkey skins are identified to be ceaselessly exported or smuggled to nations like China the place the skins are utilized in conventional medicines.

This unlawful commerce is drastically diminishing the donkey inhabitants in Nigeria, the place many depend on donkeys as work animals.

A complete of 16 sacks of genitals have been seized final week on the worldwide airport in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest metropolis.

What’s behind the illicit donkey-parts commerce?

British charity The Donkey Sanctuary estimates that some 4.8 million donkeys are trafficked and killed every year for his or her skins. Many are used to supply ejiao – a conventional Chinese language treatment.

In July, the Nigerian customs seized €114,000 value of donkey skins being smuggled into the nation from neighbouring Niger.

Makes an attempt to curb the observe have included a 2021 proposal by senators to ban the killing of donkeys. That is but to be handed into regulation.

“The most important beneficiary on this commerce is the donkey [skin] retailers in China,” says Muhammad Datti, one of many federal lawmakers supporting the proposed ban.

“This animal is going through extinction [in Nigeria] and it can not breed in massive numbers due to the very low charge of fertility.”

An investigation has been launched to search out out extra details about the seized objects, in accordance with the customs service.

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